Hello and welcome to the blog!  This is where you will find session highlights and new information about what is going on at Kristie Mills Photography.  So glad to have you here! Stay awhile and feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you.    --Kristie


lovin' newborns....


i just love getting the opportunity to take pictures of brand new babies!!  they are so precious.  i had the pleasure of taking miss lauren's pictures and i could not get enough of her.  so new to the world!!! 

just an fyi....if you are interested in getting your baby's pictures and want the newborn style photographs--the best time to do that is in the first two weeks of life.  after that, the babies 'wake up' and it is harder to capture the newness and get the sleepy pictures that are so adorable.


where to begin it all.....

i have been wanting to do a blog for a long time now.  i just did not know where to start.  today i decided just to start--jump right in and go!  this is the place where i will keep everyone up to date on the business.  i will be updating it often with session pictures and fun things that i can pass on.  for my first post, i am going to show you some of my favorite pictures of the girls closest to my heart... 



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